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WOW! Thanks to all the NEW Energy Girls for making our Summit an Over-the-Top Success! Next Summit, Fall 2014!
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“Ruth is one of the most energetic and dynamic speakers I've ever heard. She is passionate about her subject matter . . .There's never a dull moment when Ruth is at the front of the room!”

                   Denise Altman


"You cannot be in a room with Ruth Gordon Howard and not be inspired and motivated! I could listen to her all day! Her programs are top-notch from beginning to end!" Jill E.


"Other programs may be good but Ruth Gordon Howard has created a program that outshines them all! Thank you for making a major impact in my life!" Tami Pragg


"Your program was without a doubt the highlight of the conference!" Kathy Flock


"Ruth always delivers a life-changing message that is inspiring, fun, and entertaining! The time flies by!" S. Harrison


"One great speaker! I enjoyed every single moment." R. Rhodes


"Ruth's sincere enthusiasm and energy are contagious. We carried it away!" Zita O





















American College of Sports Medicine

Certified Personal Trainer



American College of Sports Medicine

Certified Group Exercise Leader

Invite Ruth to Speak!

Ruth Gordon Howard


A Speaker Who Communciates Life-Changing Health Information in an Unforgettable Way!


Ruth Gordon Howard RN, MA, is a speaker who communicates life-changing Information in an unforgettable way! She is the Director of the ENERGY GIRLS® healthy lifestyle network. Ruth is also an expert at improving the lives of men and women at the workplace. She's an author and creator of the 5-Step program, Energy for Working Women: Never Be Tired Again! A program designed to help women restore the energy, joy and balance to their lives. Having been a TV and Radio Health Commentator and featured on the PBS series Taking Shape, Ruth is also a two time Health Promotion National Award-Winner. She has been published in the American Business Journals, Life Balance, and is quoted in such magazines as The Wall Street Journal's, Smart Money.®


Ruth is certified by the Institute for Aerobics Research, the American College of Sports Medicine and is a registered nurse with a masters degree in health promotion and wellness. She is an active member of the National Speakers Association and past Director on the Board of the Carolinas Speakers Association. Ruth was also selected as one of "America's Ultimate Experts" by Woman's World--the most popular weekly women's magazine in the country. Ruth is a speaker, author, and trainer. 


Ruth specializes in programs for women but don't worry. . . . the men are never left out! Audiences love her energy, humor, and relevant message, all delivered with enthusiasm and practical skill, so you can "Restore the Energy, Joy and Balance to Your Life."  


Ask about our other SPEAKING TOPICS that can be customized for your special event. We care about meeting YOUR needs!



Are you tired today? If you feel you are surviving instead of really living, you are not alone. Men and women today are simply over-the-top exhausted. Learn how to restore the energy, joy, and balance in your life, in five simple steps.



Fitness is for everyone. Experience more energy, burn more calories, decrease the effects of aging, strengthen your immune system, and feel better about your body. Feel better about your life! Ruth has helped thousands of men and women coast to coast by giving them the knowledge they need to live a healthy, fit lifestyle. She wants to help you too! Learn how to get fit and change your life forever. You can become passionate about taking charge of your health, and feel better than you ever have before!




Have you ever felt exhausted but then been asked to do something you had a natural passion and love to do? All of a sudden you felt a burst of energy that seemed to come from deep within. Discover how to restore passion and energy back into your life, as you learn what your amazing gifts are, and most importantly, learn how to use them daily.



Learn how to jump start your way to a new healthier life. Have more energy, lose weight, and reshape your body. Discover how to apply simple steps for success that will change your life forever. You will learn how to make healthy choices, get in the best shape of your life, and even throw the scale away. Learn, laugh, and discover the secret to having more energy and being your body’s best friend.



Do you want to do something about the clutter in your life

but have trouble doing it? Clutter is a big issue for men and women. It’s robbing them of energy, as they try to deal with the constant clutter surrounding them in closets, living spaces, work spaces, garages, and cupboards. Everyone needs to learn a simple way to create a place of rest and peace. Discover the three steps you need to de-clutter your life forever, and finally make sure all those piles in your life are gone for good.



Studies show you need to be in optimal health to perform your best work on the job. Learn how to reduce stress at your workplace, and increase productivity. Learn three keys you must have to deal with stress in your life, restore a healthy balance, and keep your sense of humor. "A merry heart works like a medicine. . . " Proverbs 17:22


Ruth is unstoppable, and passionate about "Inspiring and Encouraging Men and Women to Live Healthy Lives Filled with Energy and Abundant Joy!"  


It would be a joy and privilege to work with you to communicate a life-changing, fun, upbeat, energetic message to your attendees. 

Contact me at:



Ruth Gordon Howard RN MA, ACSM-CPT, ACSM-GEL






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Ruth Gordon Howard _ Energy Girls
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Personal Training:


After many, many requests the Energy Girls®are back to do select Personal Training.

Contact us now for

more information.

It's never too late.

It doesn't matter your age, shape, or season in life. You can feel better than ever before. You can have a fresh start. I look forward to hearing from you!



Get Fit. Get in Shape. Lose Weight. Get More Energy. Feel Better Than You Ever Have in Your LIfe!

We are unstoppable, and passionate about "Inspiring and Encouraging Men and Women to Live Healthy Lives Filled with Energy and Abundant Joy!"

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